Air conditioning and ventilation systems

Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity in server rooms where technical devices are installed. Proper operation of ICT equipment depends largely on rerouting the released heat. In data centers, communication nodes and server rooms, precision air-conditioning devices ensure the reliability of computer installations. Temperature control can be set at +/- 1°C. In addition to the temperature, one of the most important parameters of air conditioning equipment is to maintain an appropriate level of humidity. Low humidity in the server room increases the possibility of accumulation of electric charges, and the discharge of stored energy may cause damage to electronic equipment. On the other hand, high humidity creates the risk of condensation onto the colder parts of the server room. Such condensation may cause short-circuits and damage to the mechanical components of electronic equipment.

Room ventilation aims at exchanging the masses of air. It is recommended to equip the server room with mechanical ventilation that will remove used and polluted air, and supply the room with fresh air, together with a small amount of moisture, which will ensure the appropriate parameters in the room.

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