Audit of the Data Centers and server rooms

We know how many new products and new technologies appear constantly in the Data Center market, we are also aware of how difficult it is for many companies to follow the progress in the area of server rooms and Data Centers. Therefore, we offer our resources and our expertise to companies that need assessment and advice on the infrastructure of their Data Center. Our audits of Data Center allow us to evaluate completed projects, being the starting point for optimizing hardware, resources, time and energy. The scope of our audit includes assessment and recommendations concerning power supply, cooling, CCTV and security. To audit, we use, among others, the thermal imaging camera. Our audit includes also best practices for data center management and the comments and observations of our experts. Our service is designed for:

  • Managers of data centers who want to identify areas for improvement in order to achieve energy savings and increased availability.
  • Companies that need technical advice on the development of IT infrastructure, and help in the valuation.
  • Managers of data centers who want to get objective information about the condition of the infrastructure in the Data Center managed by them.

You are welcome to use our services and to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. email: tel. 22 29 24 715 715  


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