Billing systems

The implementation of billing system allows you to achieve measurable results. They are reflected primarily in lower costs related to ICT services, but also in increased productivity and security of information exchanged through the ICT network.

Intelix billing systems offered by our company are characterized by the following features:

  • they are easy to use;
  • they are easy to install and configure;
  • their accounts are accurate and faithfully reflect the reality;
  • they are functional;
  • they are flexible, therefore their range of applications is vast;
  • they are safe and secured;
  • they are highly effective;
  • they provide support for users and installers.

Operator system is a system designed for local telecom operators who intermediate in access to telecommunication lines.

Central Billing System is designed for companies with multiple branches, which apply modern ICT solutions.

Local Billing System IBB/iTAR is designed for companies, which use both small exchanges working on just several internal lines, as well as systems for several thousands of internal lines in one location.

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