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KSRC call recorders offered by us are made in advanced digital technology in accordance with the design developed entirely by TRX. The device is based on a modular structure, which allows for adjusting the recording system to the customer’s current needs, as well as for developing it in the future.

All currently manufactured models: KSRC 332KSRC 5128KSRC 308 2U and KSRC 316 2U are delivered in covers designed for installation in cabinets or racks such as RACK EIA -310-D.
In special cases, the KSRC call recorders can be run on  server platforms  equipped with free USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) or 3.0 (SuperSpeed) ports.

Recorded conversations are stored on a hard drive (or on RAID 1) in a specific format that is supported only by TRX recorders. This solution prevents changing the audio content or deleting saved recordings.
The operating system of KSRC recorders, that is TEL (TRX Embedded Linux), is installed on a separate FLASH memory; therefore, a potential hard disk failure will not stop the device from working. The application of RAID 1 allows for a complete recovery of data after a recorder drive failure.

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