Gaseous fire suppression systems in server rooms

We offer comprehensive fire protection solutions for small and large server rooms. In the scope of our service there is a design of fire suppression installation in terms of selection and optimization with respect to the protected area, as well as its delivery and complete assembly of devices used for detecting and extinguishing fires. We also provide maintenance works on the fire protection installations. Fire suppression installation is decisive for fire safety of the protected area, and should be utilized and maintained in accordance with the technical and construction regulations, the applicable norms and principles of technical knowledge, and in accordance with the submitted documentation. The proposed fire suppression systems may be based on a single extinguishing control panel recommended for one server rack, or on comprehensive extinguishing systems for entire server rooms.   Components of the fire suppression system

  • control unit of smoke detectors
  • gas cylinders
  • extinguishing nozzles
  • fire detectors
  • smoke suction system
  • mechanism for manual deactivation of fire suppression
  • mechanism for manual activation of fire suppression

  FK-RACK extinguishing panel for a single server rack The FK-RACK panel is designed as one monolithic panel of 19″ with the height of 3U, which includes:

  • fire detection and extinguishing management center
  • two optical smoke detectors
  • pipe collector
  • one or two tanks containing 1 kg of fire extinguishing gas
  • electrovalve
  • pressure switch
  • 230 V AC / 24 V DC adapter
  • two 12 volt batteries
  • buzzer
  • manometer

In order to consult our detailed offer, contact us via email:, or call us at the number: 22 29 24 715.  

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