Environment monitoring system OVERSEE

Control Oversee System is a comprehensive CCTV system for server rooms. Thanks to the system, the server administrator is warned against dangerous situations caused by:

  • flood,
  • overheating,
  • power cut,
  • air-conditioning failure,
  • too high or too low humidity level,
  • smoke occurrence,
  • unauthorized access to server rooms or particular data cabinets,
  • wear of backup batteries,


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A very important feature of the server room CCTV system is an extensive response range to emergency situations, it enables the following functions:

  • safe shutdown of servers working on Windows, Linux, Unix operating systems
  • shutdown of critical processes before closing the server (databases, web servers, etc.)
  • possibility to determine the order of servers shutdown
  • sending alarm messages in short text messages
  • sending alarm messages in emails
  • enabling the siren
  • transmitting the alarm to external systems in a form of potential-free contact

The information collected is sent to a reception center where it is archived and processed. Using a web application, the administrator has access to alarms, measured values, graphs, statistics and online visualizations.

A large variety of sensors and measuring devices allows for the selection of the best solution for each customer, and the fact that the users’ number is not licensed reduces the system maintenance costs. Thanks to the implementation of dedicated drivers, the system can cooperate with devices from many manufacturers.


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