Videoconferencing and audiovisual systems

Videoconferencing is now regarded as a tool for daily use that develops contact possibilities, minimizes costs and saves time. For many companies, this is a communication standard, as important as making phone calls or exchanging e-mails. Eliminating the geographical distance between the participants of a meeting, the investment in videoconferencing solutions pays off very quickly. ITwares, as a POLYCOM partner, specializes in providing a complete videoconferencing infrastructure, including terminals and video conferencing apps. Polycom Inc. is a global leader in telepresence solutions, video and audio calls, creating a vision of communication solutions that allow people to communicate and cooperate without any limitation. We also specialize in comprehensive equipping of audiovisual rooms, and our offer is complemented, in particular, by:

We are very happy to assist you in finding the appropriate solution tailored to your needs, and we’ll make sure to successfully implement the system within your organization. Contact us: tel. +48 22 29 24 715 We also recommend telephones dedicated to conference rooms: POLYCOM teleconferencing phones  

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